Views of Krka River from the ferry that goes to Krka National Park, Croatia – Photo by my friend Sollunatic Photos. Après plus d’une semaine sous un ciel gris et des adieux difficiles à Linden Tree, nous retrouvons enfin le soleil de l’autre côté du massif du Velebit ! The beautiful Old Town of Hvar Island, Croatia Itinerary. One of the best ways to enjoy the local vibe and feel the hum of Split’s city life is to take a stroll through the scenic Riva Promenade. If you’re driving into Croatia from Slovenia, then you can skip Zagreb and start your road trip from Pula instead. The entrance fee is only €25 – €30 (180 Kunas). With such a rich history in this enchanting capital, it’s a great idea to take a. to really soak in all of its wonders before you start your road trip. After you return to Split from Hvar, the drive to Dubrovnik is around 3 and a half hours. After you return to Split from Hvar, the drive to Dubrovnik is around 3 and a half hours. Les paysages qui défilent arrachent une à une nos préoccupations du quotidien pour laisser la place à l’émerveillement du voyage et l’exploration de routes inconnues…. for some useful insider knowledge about tips for avoiding crowds, costs, hiking routes, photo spots and more. The Perfect Croatia Itinerary: How To Spend 3 Weeks In Croatia We absolutely loved our time in Croatia. Notre troisième étape nous emmène dans un parc national beaucoup moins connu du grand public : le parc national du Velebit du nord. we are traveling as a couple with a toddler 1.11y.o, Your email address will not be published. It also shares a small part of the border with Serbia and Montenegro. . You should definitely consider it if you’re looking for a campground in Pula. Free body culture exists and it isn’t just for the hippies. Croatia is at its best in summer and autumn. While in Brela, indulge in a room with a view of the sea. On traverse rapidement ce pays, en se disant qu’il faudra qu’on vienne l’explorer un jour. Day 3 is the start of your Croatia road trip. by the end of Pula we take a campervan to Plivtice lakes and keep the trip for another 5-6 days up to Split, which we could return to regular car/airbnb up to Dubronik, end of the trip. Stop 1.3/ A beer in Karlovac city. The Rocky beaches of Pula, Istria – Croatia Itinerary. Unlike Plitvice Lakes, you don’t need to walk that much inside Krka National Park. Stoja isn’t a single beach here but many of them together next to a campsite. There is plenty to do here, and riding through the quaint streets will be a venture in itself. Is this something to consider or the headache of so many changes will not be payable? The Roman Amphitheatre (Arena) was very close to our hostel. This walled city is the proud home to many well-preserved, ancient structures, such as the St. Blaise Church and Sponza Palace. 15 jours en Croatie : itinéraire découverte de Zagreb à Dubrovnik. Some of the viewpoints, waterfalls and cascades here are unbelievably gorgeous. If you travel smart and buy groceries from a supermarket to cook your own food, you won’t find Croatia very expensive. Surnommée la perle de l’Adriatique, Dubrovnik est située sur une étroite bande de terre quasiment tout au bout de la Croatie. Brela’s loveliest beach is Punta Rata, make sure you go there. I've been to Dubrovnik before so I'm planning a little road trip. Croatia is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations and provides the perfect mixture of historic charm and tropical terrain for a road trip you will never forget. Le lendemain de notre arrivée, nous visitons la ville avec Iva de Secret Zagreb. If you stay inside the national park, you will not spend on your internal transport and will also not wait in the long line. It … Since it is such a short trip, and the cities in Croatia are so spread out, we can only realistically get to one city and are trying to decide which would be best. Imagine 16 clear water lakes, all arranged in different levels (like steps) with cascades and waterfalls between them – that’s Plitvice Lakes. Avant de repartir vers la Belgique, nous clôturons notre road trip croate par une brève étape à Zadar, dans le nord de la Dalmatie. Jan 17, 2016 - Explore Lisa Evans's board "Croatia & Montenagro road trip" on Pinterest. Unlike Croatia, it is yet to be affected by mass tourism. This will give you the opportunity to see the nearby Koćuša Waterfall. Be sure to visit early, before it gets too crowded. Nous avons décidé d’y poser nos sacs pour une première étape. Croatia Road Trip Day 1: Zagreb. KRKA National Park Entrance Tickets – Croatia road trip itinerary. Start at the Upper Town (, ) and gradually make your way to the Lower Town (. As well as one of the most popular features, the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral. I am very much interested on traveling on a campervan in Croatia, however I am finding a bit expensive, comparing with camping and airbnb options. Hi lovely people, just a quick one, how did you go with entering balkan countries with European car? San and I in Camp Marina near Krka National Park – Croatia Road Trip itinerary. I planned 2 weeks of road trip start from Dubrovnik to Zagreb along the coast line. These are all decent photography spots especially as the sun starts to set. Lors de notre visite, de nombreux chemins étaient fermés pour cause d’inondations (ce qui nous a valu une entrée à prix réduit, on n’aura pas tout perdu) et nous n’avons vu qu’une infime fraction du parc. The beaches of Vruja are a little secluded and you can avoid crowds there. The other famous place to see waterfalls in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes. Pick up your rental car here and make this your beginning point. © 2013 - Yummy Planet. This would be the best itinerary for the Balkan, including all the 8 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. Day 3 is the start of your Croatia road trip. We were not close to the beach but the pier, so we could see the water from our windows. Another unmissable thing to do on a Croatian road trip would be to visit the enthralling and extravagantly beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Our mistake – we spent too much money on eating out even though we had the ability to cook our own meals in our van. Book a Hvar island tour from Split, which will cover your transport costs. During our second trip, we had limited time and we wanted to spend it well. You can see the Biokovo mountain from most of the beaches in Brela. For our Croatia road trip, we plotted in highlights from the ‘must visit’ lists, but what we ended up falling in love with was another Croatia. If you know for sure you won’t be cooking your meals and you’re looking for something fancy, check out Hotel Jägerhorn. The perfect itinerary for a Croatia road trip. If you like historical towns, then explore Mostar or Visegrad. Get lost in lush jungle landscapes, stroll streets with charming Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, and enjoy the most pristine beachscapes – there are so many amazing things to do in Croatia. Balkan road trip itinerary for 3 weeks. Les opinions exprimées et les avis partagés restent les nôtres. In hindsight, I would recommend spending more time in Slovenia as the mountains there are beautiful. You can see fascinating landmarks to visit and some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. For the full Hvar experience, look at staying at a beach resort. Eating and Drinking in Kravice Waterfalls Bosnia. How beautiful is Croatia! Come, let's travel together and see the magical side of the places that we visit. It is best to drive through in the early afternoon as it’ll take around 2 hours to drive here from Zagreb, whereas it’ll take 3 and a half hours from Pula. Elle aime les plats épicés, le capuccino et les marshmallows. The city boasts still waters that reflect the shimmering sun and makes for the most wonderful place to, Split has so many charming and unique hotels. Book an apartment that’s nearby and get some rest the night before because you will have to walk a lot inside the national park. In order to take the ferry, you have to reach Skradin and you can park your car nearby, the parking spot is marked as Parking Skradin KRKA on Google Maps. Recevez chaque mois un récapitulatif des derniers articles publiés, des contenus inédits et des nouvelles de l'équipe ! Our top choice is Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, the Pharos Hvar Hotel will not disappoint. Croatia shares most of its border with Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Plitvice Lakes – one of the three viewpoints over the big waterfall that shows the cascades. Of course, the prices go high as you get closer to the popular destinations. Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. If you want to compare the beauty, then Plitvice Lakes National Park definitely wins. We are Sonal (from India) & Sandro (From Germany). Mini Plitvice Lakes – Waterfall in Slunj, Croatia Road Trip – CC0 via Pixabay. The ferry queues were long in August but they’re pretty normal during other months. Good recommendations. Thanks Niranjan, glad you like our Croatia itinerary and yes we made it super informative to help people plan their trip. After two road trips in Croatia, we can confidently say that this lovely country in, The first time we visited Croatia was on 2016. It is possible to find one for as low as EUR 25 for two people. Zagreb is Croatia’s glorious capital, and one of the best places to start your road trip in Croatia if you’re flying in. No that wasn’t the case. Let the day fade and enjoy a night’s stay on the island. When it comes to the western balkan countries - Croatia got it all. Nous passons une semaine en Dalmatie avec, comme point d’attache, la splendide ville de Split. In order to enter the national park, you can either hike for 3.4 KMs, or take a ferry from Skradin to Skradinski Buk Ferry Pier. The ferry costs are around €17 (127 Kunas) and you can catch one at 7:30, 10:00, or 16:30  daily. Le long de la route, des vieilles grand-mères vendent des guirlandes de piments séchés et autres épices. The beach that’s closest to the city centre is Kolovare. Tous droits réservés. The entrance fee changes depending on the time of year, expect to pay €3 (6 Kunas) between October to May, €4 (8 Kunas) between June to September and €5 (10 Kunas) between July to August. La monotonie des autoroutes allemandes a laissé la place aux montagnes autrichiennes. Great post. We have included many different kinds of places to visit in Croatia that will appeal to all kind of travelers. When in Croatia, you drive on the right side of the road. Une partie de notre voyage en Croatie a été réalisée avec le support de l’Office du Tourisme de Croatie. Once you arrive, set up for the night so you can be there to enjoy the park early before it gets crowded. Bref, grosse déception ! Europe - Road Trip - Croatia - Originally Posted by ung1 Thanks. ). Difficile de décrire l’expérience avec des mots. Pula has Rome’s Colosseum look alike – it is called the Roman Arena. La pluie incessante colore d’une tension dramatique les paysages majestueux qui défilent. We stayed in a place called Campsite and Bungalows Korana, which is only 5KMs away. Relax knowing there’s no more driving involved for the day, and kick back here for the night. Head to Stoja – the beach here was my favorite. You can open this map on Google Maps and on your left you will see an option to. The series showcases the captivating, 16th-century walls that make up the border of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Is Croatia cheap to travel? Both these destinations are famous for their Ottoman style old bridges. If you’re traveling with small children, take them to Soline Beach because there’s a children’s playground there. Après avoir lu sur ces deux attractions, je me réjouissais de les voir de mes propres yeux. ). Planning a trip to Croatia When to do a road trip in Croatia. Impossible de visiter la Croatie sans faire un crochet par l’emblématique parc national des lacs de Plitvice! There is an amazing coastal destination that will be on your way, is called Brela. This coastal urban city is never short on incredible sights and sounds, and it’s an exciting place to enjoy on a Croatia road trip. It was the perfect place to stay for us. As per Lonely Planet, Zagreb is made for strolling. Pula is the biggest town in Istria and should be a part of your Croatia itinerary if you want to cover this particular part of the country. Road trip Croatia – part 3 Split, Croatia On the next morning, after another burek -based breakfast, we were ready to start our tour of Split and we went straight … Buy a Dubrovnik city card so that you can check out a few tourist attractions while in Old Town, including the city walls, museums, and access to public transportation. The first thing you need to know is that you can take the plane to Croatia and rent a car there. If you’re a solo woman traveler and are planning a trip to Croatia then you will be happy to know it is one of the safest countries for you. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Road trip Croatie" de Marlene Pereira sur Pinterest. My friend Selin [Sollunatic Photos] visited a month before us and Skradinski Buk waterfall looks so empty in her photos. The beaches aren’t sandy but are pebbeley. Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. You can learn more about this on a. . After you take a long walk through the park, refresh yourself in the crystal clear blue waters of the waterfalls. It is possible to find one for as low as EUR 25 for two people. Take a load off after a long day of traveling around Hvar and laze out on one of the divine beaches, one of the best being Dubovica Beach. Situé le long du Velebit, le massif montagneux le plus important de Croatie, et protégé par l’UNESCO, il est encore habité par des ours et des loups et reconnu pour son biotope unique. We have now spent 6 months exploring this beautiful country, which I’d highly recommend if you have the time, but for a holiday this can be done in a much shorter period. We traveled to Croatia at the end of summer 2018 with our own car. Our Croatia travel itinerary had nothing on it but Plitvice Lakes and many extra days for spontaneity. While you’re here, you can stop in Slunj town for lunch. You can also visit Vitrenjak Beach and Borik Beach. KRKA National Park in Early Summer – Croatia Itinerary – Photo by my friend Sollunatic Photos. On y repère quelques chambres d’hôtes qui doivent être vraiment top lorsque la météo est plus clémente. Of course I had no intention to pass over the beautiful Croatia on this trip - because Croatia never disappoints. The drive will likely take you up to 2 hours, so we suggest leaving Plitvice Lakes in time to reach this park in the early afternoon. All this is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. If you’re driving to Croatia from Slovenia or Italy, it makes total sense to start your trip in Pula and skip Zagreb. This campsite was perfect for us because we found a place in the corner with the view. We suggest you start your road trip in Zagreb if you’re flying into Croatia and renting a car for your journey. Cost: 1euro entrance fee (cash, can also pay in Bosnian Marka) That’s right, on day 2 of the Croatia road trip I’ve listed Bosnia! It depends on many factors. Stay Off The Motorways (Unless You’re In A Hurry) Part of the joy of a driving holiday is the freedom it offers. It originates from the Trebižat River and seamlessly cascades down the crevasses of the jungle. Zagreb makes a great base of operations for exploring Inland Croatia. Of course I had no intention to pass over the beautiful Croatia on this trip - because Croatia never disappoints. Driving to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb or Zadar, Croatia. The Perfect Croatia Itinerary: How To Spend 3 Weeks In Croatia We absolutely loved our time in Croatia. Good one. Rastoke, Slunj Day Trip – 1/2 Day [Extend if you like], Plitvice Lakes is stunning but you can’t jump into any of the lakes or waterfalls there. thank you very much for sharing all this valuable information. Split is the kind of city that has something for everyone. Hvar Island Sunset – Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. Nous ne regrettons pas une seconde d’avoir avalé tant de kilomètres pour venir jusqu’ici. Des champs infinis de houblons nous indiquent que l’on approche de la capitale de la Bavière, où l’on ingurgite chaque année un océan de bière à l’occasion de l’Oktoberfest. Alternatively, for a more low-key evening at a budget-friendly rate, spend your night at the comfortable and beautiful Hotel Vis. Pour s’y rendre, il faut traverser brièvement la Bosnie-Herzégovine (attention au contrôle frontière, ça ne rigole pas ! . If you have driven in any European country, then driving in Croatia isn’t any different. 2 jours plus tard, nous voici de nouveau sur les routes. Here’s how to do it right. It is best to drive through in the early afternoon as it’ll take around 2 hours to drive here from Zagreb, whereas it’ll take 3 and a half hours from Pula. There are clear blue lakes, medieval walled cities, amazing beaches, and stunning natural beauty. You can walk and enjoy the most of Zagreb. This ideal accommodation spot provides a way for you to stay only 400 meters from the waterfall itself. The maximum level of permitted alcohol level in blood while driving is 0.5% in Croatia. This is a truly remarkable area that attracts travelers from all over the world. It is in Slunj town, that’s not far from the National Park. A UNESCO world heritage site, the park features a cascade of 16 lakes each with a waterfall that flows into the next. This road trip is made up of a 1-week itinerary for Croatia, 5-day itinerary for Slovenia, and a 2-day itinerary for Montenegro. Dubrovnik is thriving with historical hubs, museums, restaurants, and shops. It is one of the few places that’s recommended by the National Park and they also run a free shuttle to and from the park everyday. Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful and fun at the same time. Driving in Montenegro is amazing because the roads are winding and there are many viewpoints where you can stop your car and rest. Click HERE to read the rest of our story. Read our. Split has so many charming and unique hotels. The thing is, Croatia isn’t expensive when you compare it to the Western European countries but is expensive as compared to the nearby Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is like mini Italy within Croatia. Our rental car from Serbia had one. 2 700 km au départ de Liège, des dizaines de rencontres marquantes, une variété de paysages à couper le souffle et des saveurs inoubliables. So, your updated 7 day Croatia road trip itinerary could look something like: Day 1: Start in Dubrovnik Day 2: Makarska Day 3: Split (Stop in Omiš on the way) Day 4: Krka National Park + Skradin Day 5: Zadar Just like Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park tends to get crowded as well, so visit super early or in the late afternoon to avoid crowds. These lakes make a great day trip from Split despite being much further away. Découvrez d’autres idées de road trips et des conseils pour réussir vos voyages en voiture. To invite us for a travel blogging trip, please see our Work With Us page. Required fields are marked *. We did not eat breakfast before driving to Krka National Park and ended up eating an overpriced meal in a fancy restaurant that’s close to the entry point of the national park. The city has also become synonymous with Game of Thrones TV series, as it’s where some of the most iconic scenes of King’s Landing have been shot. To save you countless hours of searching and scrolling through Google, we have put together this perfect 10-15 day itinerary for you. hi . If you see google maps, you will notice how this part looks triangular with multiple beaches. 

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