All trips to Komodo Island (but not necessarily to Komodo National Park – if the trip includes Rinca Island only) have Pink Beach on their menu. When the sun catches the sand, the beach glows. Facts About Pink Beach Flores Island The sand is pink. Pink Beach é um dos lugares mais populares na ilha de Komodo e uma verdadeira maravilha natural, com apenas alguns lugares semelhantes no planeta. We stopped here after we left Komodo National Park. We hiked surrounded by komodo dragons watched thousands of the largest bats in the world migrate while the sunset lounged on pink beaches and swam with turtles and manta rays. This is an indicator that in that area, there are Foraminifera in a large population. If you want to get a unique photo landscape, then you have to reach to the top of it. The pink sand is a mixture of red and white sand. Komodo Island has one of these pink sand beaches. There were some locals that had tables set up with trinkets to sell. Moreover, komodo dragons can swim from an island to another island. The pink color is not in just one place, but all over the beach line. It was a nice way to cool off after walking around on the island. The island is uninhabited by humans. Eles produzem um pigmento vermelho dos recifes de coral. They use their bite for hunting. There are many kinds of corals, such as soft corals and hard corals, and their colors are various too. Are the prices for this place or activity, Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for, Is this a must-do if you are traveling with a, pink sand, turquoise sea and blue sky is a perfect combination to fit the holiday in Komodo. The beach gets its unique colour from microscopic organisms called Foraminifera. Their saliva contains deadly bacteria. In fact, the beach is located within the Komodo National Park, which is full of mysterious and magical wonders. Whilst there are, in fact, two or three pink beaches in the Komodo National Park, all these names in essence refer to the same beach located in a wide bay on the northeastern point of Komodo Island. The island is also a popular destination for diving and it has been included into the controversial New7Wonders of Nature list since November 11, 2011. Those corals are sent by the wave to the coasts and then they are destroyed into flakes. The combination of red corals and crystal white sand made the sand looks pink. However, you’ll need to swim out a little to reach the good stuff. The latter with include the opportunity to study the nature, culture, customs, and life style of the unique society of Indonesia. Komodo is one out of 17,000 islands in entire Indonesia. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Pink Beach Komodo Island de la plus haute qualité. Pink Beach Flores Island has Savanna hills. Other than that, there are many species of fish that can make your snorkeling experience will be fun. Well its not a pink color beach but its definitely beautiful place to relax, swim and snorkel for sometime. The first item on the agenda is to visit the famous Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons. Those flakes are combined with sand and they cause the pink color on the beach. Uphiet K wrote a review Dec 2020. This in one of several "pink" beaches, and it is just across the bay from the dock on Komodo Island. Komodo Island is one of several that make up The Komodo National Park. By Nick 28th April 2018 27th October 2020. A pink sand beach is something you would think only existed in a Disney movie. Why? pantai merah yang kini menjadi incaran para pengunjung diseluruh dunia The chance to visit Torajan of Sulawesi, Dayak of Kalimantan, Dani, Yali, and Asmat of Papua is available for tour incorporating nature study, scuba diving, fishing, island hopping, cycling, hiking expedition, discovery. In the coral reefs under the sea around Komodo Island there are approximately 1000 species of fish, and 253 reef-building coral species. It is a cradle to a galore of species that surely will entertain any snorkelers. So, komodo dragons will make you an enemy. Because there are only 7 pink beaches that exist in this world. Komodo is part of the Lesser Sundas deciduous forests ecoregion. There are some pink beach spread around Komodo, The beach is beautifull with pink sands, with big hills on it, the water is very clear, and the view really beautifull, We stopped here after we left Komodo National Park. There are over 2,500 Komodo dragons living throughout the National Park. All ashore for easy trips straight from port, Flexible itineraries and personal experiences, From snorkel to surfing—no expertise necessary, Take to the skies for one-of-a-kind views, Your ship’s come in for waterside trips and more, Bundled tickets and extras for smart savings. From Loh Liang Pier, a pier on Komodo Island, it takes approximately 30 minutes by boat to set foot on Pink Beach, this unusual sand beach. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site as of 1991. Flores Island Overland Tour 7 Days: a-Week Tour to the “Exquisite Flowers” of the East of Indonesia - Flores Island which is located in Indonesia comes with a unique topography... Indonesia is a country with thousands of gorgeous places to visit. It offers a beautiful mountainous landscape surrounded by azure blue … How do I get to Komodo Beach Pink? Pink Beach Komodo Island The island of Komodo is a volcanic island located between the Indian Ocean and the Flores Sea. It is a habitat for 37% of the world’s reef fish and more than 3000 species of fish live in the Coral Triangle. Their saliva is toxic. Ships must not get near the beach. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. One of them is related to a microscopic creature called Foraminifera. We found Jurassic Park, Dragons and a Pink Beach all in one day! After making our way past the locals and repeating "No thanks" 20 times, we got to the beach. This in one of several "pink" beaches, and it is just across the bay from the dock on Komodo Island. We arranged with Komodo Eco Tours to take us to the beach after a short trek to see the Komodo dragons. Our guide said it was from all the inconsiderate snorkelers who don't respect the reef and just stand on the coral, breaking it off. There are many beautiful things on the Pink Beach of Flores Island that we should not miss it at all. The majority of visitors to Labuan Bajo come for scuba diving or for a chance to see the Komodo Dragons. The beach will captivate you to jump off the boat and start swimming when arriving at this place. The most beautiful beach ever. There is a rule when visiting the Pink Beach. It will take 15 minutes away by boat from the Loh Liang boat jetty. In fact, the world has acknowledged it as one of the world’s heritages. Even though the coral was devastated for the most part, there was a lot of marine life to see. Do swim or snorkeling at Pink Beach a white and pink colored sands beach on the island of Komodo. Trouvez les Pink Beach Komodo Island images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. It is suggested not to trek too far from the beach as you’ll most likely meet dragons in the surrounding hills. Komodo Dragons . They had carved wooden … Usually, tourists will combine it with Komodo island trip. The closest city is the fishing town of Labuan Bajo in Flores, which has its own airport and plenty of hotels and restaurants. The savanna hills are too unique, so we can’t just miss it. You will always be in good hands with their personalized attention. ourselves (Thanks Corona virus!). All reviews fish komodo island pink color marine life short trek blue sky national park sand water swim boat shore shade reef hue particles march trekking wave turtles indonesia instagram. That's why locals call it the Red Beach. Our guide was super … Why? The best Komodo Island tours will make sure you have plenty of time to experience Pink Beach. Of course, the pink beach is literally a beach with pink sand. Furthermore, It is one of the tourist destinations and a must-stop beach after trekking in Komodo Island. The beach is located in a crescent shaped cove, so the waves were pretty tame. After that, the corals carried by the ocean waves to the coast. Komodo Island have a beach with pink sand, one of only seven in the world. We were lucky and we ended up with the entire beach to. But it’s not a pure yellow radiance. The main attraction in Komodo Island is definitely the giant lizards. If you aimed for snorkeling as your main reason to visit the Pink Beach Labuan Bajo, then your eyes will be pleased by many kinds of corals and fish. It’s known to have Komodo dragons, the giant carnivorous lizards, living on the islands – Rinca Island, Komodo Island, and Padar Island. Meanwhile, the coral reefs are … We did some snorkelling and saw some beautiful fishes. The flora on Komodo Island is lontar palm savannah with remnates of rainforest and bamboo forest at higher elevations. more, Browse our largest collection of experiences, No stress transit for your arrival and departure, Explore on your feet—and never miss anything. Make sure that you are staying away from komodo dragons if you meet them. When the small pieces of the coral combine with white sand, it creates the soft pink tint, which is visible on … A famous pink beach can be found on Komodo Island, where the animals live in the wild. Indonesia Pink Beach is located in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Shining and shimmering in the Indonesian heat, the open beach blushes a shade of pink. They produce a red pigment of the coral reefs. So to believe that a pink beach in Komodo exists then it really has to be seen, touched and experienced up close and personal. One of them is Pink Beach Flores Island. Once you get to the top, you can spot the pink, black, and white beaches of the island with brown black ridges in between and surrounded by the azure blue waters. Pink Beach, Komodo Island, Indonesia Tags: Indonesia, Flores How to get to Pink Beach Pink Beach is located in Komodo National Park, on Komodo Island. Prepare to be dazzled with the underwater beauties of the Flores Sea when you dive or snorkel in this beach. How To Get There The only way to visit the pink beach is on a boat trip from Labuan Bajo. Of course, the pink beach is literally a beach with pink sand. It is a famous conservation. Similar to Pink Beach in other areas, this beach in Indonesia is called Pink Beach because it is so beautiful with pink color. It is to make the corals keep in good condition. The coral was absolutely obliterated. Activities: Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving How to get here from Komodo Island: 15 mins by boat from Loh Liang boat jetty How to get around Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo: There are many tour operators from Labuan Bajo’s main street that cater to different budgets and time.You can check the top Labuan Bajo tours here. Pink beach komodo dragon komodo island. They had carved wooden komodo dragons and even pieces of the red coral that, when it breaks up during storms and the pieces mix with white sand, makes a lot of their peaches have a pinkish color. Pasuruan, Indonesia 246 contributions 12 helpful votes. There are many theories why the sand turns into pink. This hidden tropical gem boasts so many attractions... You must have heard of Bali and Komodo Island, but do you know about Flores? In addition, it is home to six out of the world’s seven marine turtles species. Then, the corals crumbled into pieces and granules, which turn into pink sand. A pink beach is probably the most beautiful and the rarest beach in the world. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about the facts of Pink Beach in Flores Island. While it’s... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, If you aimed for snorkeling as your main reason to visit the, Paket Open Trip Sailing Komodo 3H2M – Luxury Phinisi, Paket Open Trip Sailing Komodo 3H2M – Deluxe Phinisi, Paket Open Trip Sailing Komodo 3H2M – Reguler Boat, Paket Open Trip Sailing Komodo 2 Hari 1 Malam, Paket Open Trip Komodo 1 Hari – Speedboat. And wonderful snorkeling in clear warm turquoise waters. The pink sand beaches are located in the Komodo National Park, a group of islands in east Indonesia. Komodo Dragons, Pink Beach snorkelling and Padar Island day trip. After tracking to one of the hill in Padar island. 13,006 were here. Finally, Komodo National Park is one of the last places on earth that have wild Komodo dragons. A praia recebe a sua cor única de organismos microscópicos chamados Foraminifera. É … We were lucky and we ended up with the entire beach to ourselves (Thanks Corona virus!). It really does have pink sand. There’s a magnitude of different coral species, schooling fish, rays and turtles. Quick Guide to Komodo Island Pink Beach. Approximately 150 meters off the beach, there is a steep coral slope with incredible marine biodiversity. It was a nice way to cool off after walking around on the island. Pink Beach is an additional charm. Day 3 – Komodo Island, Pink Beach and Long Beach (Pantai Namo) Finally, after a long stretch at sea, you’ll finally arrive in Komodo National Park. Pink Beach Komodo Island Indonesia is one of many beaches in the eastern Indonesia that are still a home to excellent hundreds of species of soft and hard corals and thousands of species of fish. One bite will make you meet your death. You will have to leave your towels and stuff siting on the shore, so keep that in mind when you decide what you want to carry and what you want to leave on the boat. Often rated to be one of the best things to do in Komodo island, you can do this trek as part of most boat tours of the Komodo. Check out the famous pink sand at Pink Beach. The sand appears pink because it is a mixture of white sand combined with red sand, formed from pieces of Foraminifera. As it turns out, Pink Beach really was that pink! Included in the trip price is a guided hike around Komodo Island to spot some wild Komodo Dragons. Located near Komodo Island, Flores is a tropical paradise with gorgeous natural wonders. For day 6 of this awesome trip, we visited the most pink beach I've ever seen and got to see the awesome komodo dragons! The Pink Beach Komodo is located at the northeast of Komodo Island entry point called Loh Liang. Komodo National Park is located between the Sumbawa and Flores islands. 9 Fun Facts: Komodo Island, Indonesia 1) Komodo Island is a part of the Republic of Indonesia –which is made up of more than 17,500 islands. The point is extremely picture-worthy, and quite a few tourists stay back to click the point at sunset. The island also becomes the home of Komodo National Park. It needs for about 4 hours by local tourists boat from Labuan Bajo or just 30 minutes by local boat from entrance visitors’ gate on Komodo island. This microscopic creature has red pigments to the corals. Pink Beach is one of the most popular spots on Komodo Island and a real natural wonder, with only a few similar places on the planet. Unfortunately, this particular beach has been negatively impacted by its popularity and it tends to get quite crowded and polluted. Pink Beach Komodo Island was one of my absolute favorite snorkeling locations in Komodo. We saw a school of squad; sting ray; lots of triggerfish; parrot fish; clownish and anemones; and lots of other stuff. Indonesia is... 2) Komodo Island is home to the world’s largest lizard the Komodo Monitor (or Komodo Dragon.) The length of time for leisure at the beach varies. If you are planning to visit Pink Beach Flores Island, you will meet komodo dragons. Do swim or snorkeling at Manta Point to see the Manta rays including Taka Makassar and Kanawa Island, a secluded island with crystal sandy beach and blue seawater. There were some locals that had tables set up with trinkets to sell. One of them is Flores, an island located near Komodo Island. The island is fully surrounded by an untouched coral reef where turtles and thousands of other sea creatures live.

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