Yeah. He's scored five goals. They were unable to clear the corner properly and when it was wheeched back into the area, Postiga clattered into Stekelenburg as the goalkeeper came out to claim the ball. Holland have not got a solitary clue of how to handle him. INSTAGRAM; Euro 2012 – Portugal 3 Denmark 2 Ver artigo principal: Portugal no Campeonato Europeu de Futebol de 2012. We'll see who has the last laugh then, Leo. [8] In the next match, Netherlands and Germany continued their longstanding rivalry. His Gruesome Twosome act with Nigel de Jong in midfield has brought much scorn from the Dutch public, who would rather see Rafael van der Vaart introduced, or perhaps the smooth-passing Kevin Strootman. Absolutely awesome. The Guardian match report from the game refers to the "unappealing behaviour" of the "unpleasant" Van Bommel, who had a hand in booting Cristiano Ronaldo off the pitch after 34 minutes. It is the fourth time Portugal have reached … Bye. It's no contest at all, as he ducks inside, on to his right foot, and then clips the left post with a low right-footer from the edge of the area. No, don't project your hang-ups on to me. Additional assistant referees: Eventually Portugal do get a free-kick, 30 yards from goal. says Stuart Ardern. Dearie me. Additional assistant referees: So the first two quarter-finals are going to be Germany v Greece and Portugal v Czech Republic. says Phil Sawyer. They've dominated the early period of this second half and certainly have the firepower to score again. That was his 99th shot for Portugal in an international tournament. Here come the teams. "I'm glad you described the 2006 edition of Portugal v Holland as a guilty pleasure," says Matt Dony. 50 min: Sneijder pings a cross into the area. Live Scores, Results & match details of Portugal by 20 min: The chances are coming at a furious pace. There's a problem with the auto-refresh tool. Hang on. says Jordan Pickering. A man on a mission tonight, determined to prove his critics wrong. 2 min: It's before the watershed, so the ITV scoreline says PORHOL, rather than PORNED. • Denmark will progress with any win. "Why don't you just type the full goal description as a new update? Humour Editor]. He tries to Van der Vaart it in, but Stekelenburg pats it aside for a corner, which will be delayed while Meireles receives treatment. "All he's doing is shooting every time he gets it. Group B of UEFA Euro 2012 began on 9 June 2012 and ended on 17 June 2012. 57 min: More cheese chat. First Robben tees up Van Persie, whose shot from the edge of the area is blocked. Mark Clattenburg (England) He answered his critics with two fine goals to cap a fantastic display and if he continues in this form, Portugal have no reason to fear anyone. That was a superb month of football and it's arguable that the overall standard was higher. The clues were there tonight: Holland were a bunch of talented strangers, while an effervescent Portugal were so much more than the sum of their parts and fully deserved their win. Then you point out that Germany could get knocked out and here they score. Portugal, in their red and green and attacking from left to right, get us going. Stefan Wittberg (Sweden) 13 min: That goal alone isn't enough for Holland though. What's happened to him in this tournament? Willems will miss the quarter-final if Holland go through. As it stands Germany and Denmark are still going through. Carlos Clos Gómez (Spain). 33 min: Ronaldo is unplayable in this mood. Instead he whipped it in to the far post, where Alves's header back into the six-yard box had to be cleared. That doesn't quite do them justice though, because at times they have sparkled in attack and if Van Persie is bound to relocate his shooting boots at some point, well, so's Cristiano Ronaldo. So far the under-fire Bert van Marwijk, who appears certain to leave after the Euros, has resisted those calls, but his hand has surely been forced after the defeat to Germany, when even despite the presence of two defensive midfielders Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mesut Ozil still ran riot. • Portugal will be through with victory unless Denmark win by a one-goal margin (other than 2-1 and 1-0). World Cup finalists two years ago, their Euro 2012 campaign has so far been less Total Football, more Total Farce. The following is a list of squads for each national team competing at the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. "I haven't forgiven the Dutch for their World Cup final assault on Brazil, let alone their 2006 warm-up for it," says Ian Copestake. Striker Mario Gómez scored twice in the first half (24th and 38th minute) to put the Germans ahead 2–0, and despite a 73rd-minute goal from Robin van Persie, Germany won 2–1.[9]. Huh? 8 min: A brief moment of worry for Holland in their own area. Spain v Portugal: the full EURO 2012 semi-final shoot-out. "Euro 2012 Draw: Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark land in "Group of Death, "UEFA Euro 2012 Group of Death: Germany with Portugal & Holland. Anyone feeling lucky?". It isn't good enough. 77 min: Nani torments Holland again, sliding a low cross into the six-yard box that just evades Pereira. experience it! Did I miss a memo? PORTUGAL 2, Netherlands 1 ___ 2214: Custodio replaces Raul Meireles for Portugal. Euro 2012: Germany win over Denmark went to plan says Joachim Löw. says Peter Harmer. This has easily been the best individual performance by anyone so far. 65 min: Holland are losing belief. The Euro 2012 semi-final match at Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine on June 27, 2012. Up the other end, Huntelaar, the New Galoot, volleys wide of the left post after a poor defensive header had fallen his way. North and South Holland make up less than half of the population of the country of The Netherlands, representatives of whom are currently playing a football match against Portugal. He was six yards out with a clear sight of goal and still didn't shoot, the oaf. 54 min:"Any chance for us Danes that Holland/the Nederlands/dutch will do what we warnt them to do..?" Ronaldo has been the star of the show, putting in the best individual performance of the tournament so far. Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (Spain) You don't get Ronaldo? A captain's goal. Watch full Euro 2012 football matches online on Footballia. The likeliest change is for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to replace Ibrahim Affelay and join Robin van Persie in attack, a decision that won't make much of an effect if Van Persie continues to be as wayward in front of goal. Heaven knows what the Holland right-back was thinking of here, as his dreadful backpass sent Postiga through on goal. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images, sitting together by the side of the pitch, watching the madness unfold. With his 102nd shot for Portugal in a major tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo scores his sixth goal for Portugal at a major tournament, a goal that currently has them heading through. Bye! Stekelenburg probably had it covered though. I'm really starting to enjoy this new qualification system," says Colt Kennedy. "Surely the Holland defence crumbles more easily than a piece of Lancashire (the crumbliest of cheeses)?" Like a tough cheese. Evening. An aimless Holland attack broke down, Sneijder and Van der Vaart losing it between them. It wouldn't have counted though, a foul given against Postiga, but Holland's defending was rather suspect. GOAL! [7], In the second round, when Portugal played Denmark, Portugal went ahead 2–0 with a 24th-minute goal from Pepe and a 36th-minute goal from Hélder Postiga, but with two goals from Nicklas Bendtner (41st and 80th minute), Denmark equalized. This is the first time that Lancashire has ever been called exotic. The next major competition, the UEFA Euro 2004 , was held in Portugal. If Holland win by two goals and Denmark lose, their goal difference will be the best. "But if the results could somehow contrive to send Germany out then all will be forgiven. Paolo Tagliavento (Italy), Man of the Match: Nani went over to take the corner and then just tried to fool Holland, gently tapping it out of the quadrant, before running away and leaving it to Meireles. ___ 2215: GOAL! It spun clear for Bruno Alves, who clipped an effort towards the empty net from the right, the ball just clearing the bar. Fredy Fautrel (France) Portugal line up Hang on a minute ... Oh. Who knew? Portugal: Patricio; Pereira, Alves, Pepe, Coentrao; Veloso, Moutinho, Meireles; Nani, Postiga, Ronaldo. Good. What a game. To whit, they need a 2-0 win over the Portuguese to go through and then for Germany to beat Denmark in the other game. Matej Jug (Slovenia) Ever. Michael Krohn-Dehli (Denmark)[14], Assistant referees: 45/1 on Paddy Power too, so I guess no-one has noticed. Cut back and shoot rather than cross it. Portugal's midfielder Custódio has said that his side will be 'aggressive' when they take on Spain at Euro 2012. That was a terrifying performance from Cristiano Ronaldo and as it stands Portugal are going through, while Holland are going out. Photograph: Bartosz Jankowski/Reuters A s s o c i a t i o n P r e s s Fourth official: 45 min: This is without doubt the best international tournament since Euro 2000 - but is it better than Euro 2000? Again Robben darted in from the right and again he unselfishly laid it off, this time to Van der Vaart on the edge of the area. 30 min: Now Portugal are rampant. This match is only going one way. Just occasionally, I feel this should be encouraged. Me too. The move started from a poor clearance from Willems, who allowed Portugal to come straight back at the creaking Dutch defence. Pereira scooted in from the right and then poked a reverse-pass through to Ronaldo, who had made a cracking run in from the left. He's lucky to only get a booking and Moutinho, though able to continue, needs treatment. 86 min: Holland have disintegrated. Two defeats in two games – the first when they were stunned by Denmark, the second when they were unceremoniously brushed aside Mario Gomez – have left them on the brink of elimination in the first round and in need of a minor miracle against Portugal tonight. no." Fourth official: Portugal participa pela sexta vez, a quinta vez consecutiva, numa fase final do Campeonato Europeu de Futebol. They've gone soft. On comes Custodio. He clipped a sublime pass from right to left towards Ronaldo. Portugal no Euro. Unless we see something truly spectacular, the Dutch are surely out of Euro 2012 now. Portugal counter and Postiga breaks the offside trap again, only to delay his shot for ages, eventually allowing Vlaar to make a crucial challenge. Immediately Portugal broke, Moutinho finding Nani in oodles of space down the right flank. Portugal 2-1 Holland (Ronaldo, 74 min): As predicted Holland are punished on the counter-attack and Ronaldo has shown Nani how to deal with a simple chance in some style. You won't be missed, not this time, not at this tournament. Joe Pags Show Joe Pags Show. Thanks for reading. 90 min+3: Joao Pereira has been booked for something or other. WARSAW, Poland (AP) — In the first quarterfinal at Euro 2012, Portugal beat the Czech Republic 1-0 on Thursday. It's flicked on by Mathijsen but Van Persie, despite being onside and all alone in the area, can't reach it. Scrap that. "What's going on here, Jacob?" There'd been a beheading or two by this point in 2006. Mathias Klasenius (Sweden) Yes, but all teams would be on three points and Portugal beat Denmark, so it goes to goal difference. Portugal will be bold when they take on Spain in Wednesday’s semi-final, full-back Joao Pereira has promised. Renato Faverani (Italy) The knockout phase of UEFA Euro 2012 began with the quarter-finals on 21 June 2012, and was completed on 1 July 2012 with the final at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, won by Spain 4–0 against Italy. Nani has another dig from 20 yards out but balloons it over. The first foul arrives after 36 seconds, and it's courtesy of Hatchet Man Van der Vaart on Raul Meireles. 11 min: "That was never a free kick to Portugal just now," says Robin Hazlehurst. It would be handy for Holland if Van Persie stops being such a galoot, an eventuality that could make this a trickier evening than anticipated for Portugal. And anyway, as I remember it, most of the fouls last time were frustrated, tetchy, childish efforts rather than genuine career-ending assaults. Geography corner. Juan Medina/Reuters Spain’s Cesc Fabregas celebrated after scoring the … 46 min: Here we go again. For now though, Holland can only focus on the task in hand and that's to do the business against Portugal. Moutinho sends a corner into the area and he romps on to it, heading just past the right post. 63 min: This is much more even than the first half now, Holland much tighter at the back. Additional assistant referees: However, Portugal's Silvestre Varela scored in the 87th minute to give Portugal the win. Some cheese, perhaps?". What's to get? I'm merely following orders. Ronaldo will take it. Holland can't defend. ", 44 min: "Hate to moan at a man under time pressure and doing me a much-appreciated service for free, but why the reluctance to describe the goals (including Jiracek last night)?" 16 min: There's Ronaldo's century! 81 min: Scrap any thoughts of Germany going out: Lars Bender has put them 2-1 up against Denmark, which all but seals Portugal's progression. Derek Rose (Scotland) A 5 percent success rate. Pereira plays Nani through on goal, but his attempted chip lands on the roof of the net. Holland: Stekelenburg; Van der Wiel, Mathijsen, Vlaar, Willems; De Jong, Sneijder; Robben, Van der Vaart, Van Persie; Huntelaar. Portugal will also be through if they lose by a one-goal margin and Denmark are also beaten. Contrast that to Robben, a player who is truly one dimensional (5 assists in the league season for Bayern last year).". Good. 82 min: Van der Vaart nearly scores a carbon copy of his first goal, only in reverse. Six years on and Van Bommel is still stomping around pitches acting the eedjit, a major factor for why many neutrals have fallen out of love with Holland. The corner had been taken, but Holland sussed the ruse, so Meireles put the ball back. ___ William Collum (Scotland) Whatever the outcome of the Euro 2012 semi-final with Spain, Portugal have already regained their pride. They're losing their touch. Gianluca Rocchi (Italy) 39 min: What's been notable when Ronaldo has struggled for Portugal is that he's been given little time or space by the opposition, but Holland's predicament has compelled them to open up, and the consequence of that is that Ronaldo is taking them to the cleaners, largely because poor Nigel De Jong is having to contend with the entire Portugal midfield on his own. 88 min: Van Persie was many people's tip for top scorer, including this writer.

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