We did it by « twincycle » ..interesting visit maybe the most beautiful and important temple in Thailand. Parcours de 2 semaines pour faire le tour du Sud de la Californie Variantes. 2€!! Vol d’oiseau !! Seulement, voilà : c'est votre premier voyage en Asie et vous ne savez pas vraiment à quoi vous attendre. Vous passerez des grandes villes ultramodernes aux lieux bouddhistes où on n’entend que le silence. However, you might want to hire a driver or a local tour guide to help you navigate through the challenging roads. Today first I bought this plastic coat..but after a Doodoone !! We had nice 12 days here..Time to go for the next journey..was good with péripéties !! Is now 2 a'clock PM. Last weekend here..we gonna enjoy it until the last minut! Driving through the Bintulu-Miri Coastal Highway will reward you with scenic views of a dense tropical rainforest, where locals have built settlements on stilts. Than we are walking in the City, going to the water pupet theater...spending Time the way we can under the rain...And waiting very much to go to Laos on 7th..find warmer atmosphère.kisses everyone , Every day..must find pictures of the day to share with you, Let's go to see what's happend in Laos..Vietnam from South to North, even the weather was not good here, i prefer the North Vietnam..beautiful landscape, nice City, and nicer people. You can start your road trip at Rueisuei, which is a very popular white-water rafting destination. 15 degrés.... Louang Prabang »Laos in the way of Indochine ». And thank you all to follow us❤️❤️❤️, Really the first day that we don’t do nothing except swimming, and testing the succulent Thai food.I am not complaining..but between you and me..can not stay to long to do nothing..tomorrow we rent scooter..and we make tour!!! Un décor flamboyant dans un écrin entre terre et mer. !l and so nice place, very nice test for decoration..and nature is still everywhere..if one day you want to choose an Island, come here!! After all those weeks of movement..Destination West cost, Andaman sea side. We have 16 days before to go back to Bangkok? Kisses to everybody!! See you there..love you, miss you..but see you soon..thank you to follow us!! Than to live an nature expedition every night! !, North of Thaïlande is so beautiful, fantastic landscape, jungle, rices field, water fall...our programs are easy..just open the eyes!! Destinations En Asie. !bisous, If you have to choose one place in Vietnam..it will be here, very nice place and peaceful...cool attitude.. green serenity ..bisouxxxx tout le monde . Rendez vous in Ranong, in the border of Birmanie..is a very big tentation to cross the border and to see what happened there...but we decided to stay little bit quiet..than it will be our holiday in our travel !! ! Road trip about 100 km around Ninh-Binh, riez field..and nice contact with the people. 10 Ultimate European Road Trips to take this Year, 5 of the Best Cars to Hire for a Road Trip, Snacking on the Road : The Best Road Trip Snacks, Road Trip Safety : Tips for Keeping your Vehicle in Top Shape, The Seward Highway Road Trip: Traversing through Alaska, Route 66 Road Trip: Driving through the American Mother Road, Alaskan Highway Road Trip: Cruising Along the ALCAN Highway. Road Trip en Asie (Sud-Est et Sud) : conseils avant un tour d'Asie. After 4 days in Bangkok, we leave for Cambodge, Sihaknouville Otres beach, and tomorow the small Islande of Koh Rong...See you there!! ! We are in the train station..going to Sukhothai..see you there!! Le Laos est un pays splendide..ces 2 jours sur le Mékong étaient magiques, avons assistés à des scènes de vies incroyables, les chercheuses d’or sur les rives, les enfants, les pêcheurs ..c’est fabuleux!! Almost ready, meeting family today to say good bye, to leave for 2 months with a good energy. A grandiose panorama along the way, we arrived in Pakbeng for the sunset!! Bird fly...See you in Athens first! !略 Road trip about 100 km around Ninh-Binh, riez field..and nice contact with the people. So I can see how a road trip for 2 weeks would be a great way to combine all of these places and see a lot. 19 jours pour rejoindre Cairns depuis Sydney. However, make sure to secure your Chinese driver’s license before embarking on your 16-day journey in the Tibetan Highlands. we can say that Angkor is incredible, temples, jungle, gigantic trees ... invader of the site. Last day in Cambodge...Good morning Vietnam ! We are ready to live other adventures !! Here’s how to take the ultimate Vietnam road trip: 1. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Thaïlande, Thailande voyage, Voyage asie. ❤️❤️, We packed our things..time to go on the road, by the sea!! Road Trip Norvège et Suède – Itinéraire 15 jours en étè – Blog Voyage. Hokkaido offers six scenic byways for those who want to enjoy the views of the French countryside or the Swiss Alps. But we enjoyed this City, sunday Time! Is beautiful place, clean..and calme. Chiang Mai was a good stop for us, very charming place..We spend our day to visit temple, coffee plantation, village...but it.s time to go! We leave tirow for the Tokin. You can begin your road trip from Manila or Clark (where the major international airports are) and head on northeast to Pagudpud via the Patapat Viaduct. Learn how to create your own. Kisses from us , !! L'été indien sous les nuances italiennes. Asie du Sud-Est Road trip. 01. My thai vintage boutique..found of course a small dress !! hahaha. itinéraire Norvège Nouvel Road semaines Trip. We arrived in Chiang Rai, and we start our scooter tour as usual now! If you are up for some otherwordly landscapes in one of the most landscape-diverse countries in the world, then make sure to hit the Tibetan Highlands in China. 147 commentaires. 16 days of relaxing, swimming, snorkeling ! For more useful resources for planning a road trip in Vietnam, take a look at the Related Posts. After about 12h traveling Yesterday by train for 200km, we décide to Travel fastier..anyway hete on the cost , is toi much tourisme Chineese, russian..eveything that we like we prefere to leave quickly this place ! See you there! Along the way, you will find the Chandra River with its gorgeous mountain scenery and glaciers. Photo by: Joe Sills Joe Sills. Alex become allergic to city...and shopping..hahaha see you tomorrow everybody..Same same...like they said in Asia!! This scenic mountain road will lead you to the surfer’s paradise of Pagudpud, and your trip will be marked by extremely pretty sights. Bizzzzz à tous!! Kisses from us!! 6 December 2020. Nous voulions garder quelques jours en fin de séjour pour se trouver un petit coin de plage dans le sud de la Thaïlande, nous descendrons le pays du Nord au Sud..il est temps de partir!! Tomorrow we go back on the road..for a very big jump!! Toute l'équipe vous remercie pour votre patience. Surrounded by glorious mountains on three sides and a breathtaking bay on the fourth, the Nha Trang-Quy Nhon in Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the country. Nous voici en Thaïlande pour découvrir ses paysages et ses traditions. Big kisses to everybody . Day 7: See Mount Field National Park. See you there!! No Care at all..Bye bye Cambodge. Road Trip de 3 semaines Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Phuket. However, make sure to plan your trip accordingly as the Leh-Manali Highway is only open for less than five months in the summer. We kept things to do for another time!! Alex is very happy no more temples, no more driving, no more mooving...the only moove that we have to do..is to change guesthouse..I love nature..but when she’s inviting herself in the bathroom...frog, big spider, and other insects...better for me to take my distance!!! A Guide to Daily Expenses on a Motorbike Road Trip in Vietnam. IF WE WANT TO BE FRESH FOR TONIGHT !! Phitsanulok, Bangkok, Ranong.... Last bath...last meal....bye bye Koh Phayam, Just arrived...4 hours and we are back!!. Cause of the Bad condition we gone stay here, no way to go to Ha Long bay...we not gone see many things on the fog sera, I feel litle bit sad about it, because was also for me one of the most expecting place..SNIF!! It was about what we planed to do...but some came in between..less or more! Bit a choc..but is Thaïlande no way to be alone..tomorow we rent scooter and we go in the country side!! Bien souvent, les billets d’avion pour Bangkok sont les moins chers pour rejoindre l’Asie depuis l’Europe. This archipelago is also home to over 7,000 islands, with the largest being Luzon in the northern part of the country. Our first moment in Saïgon, was complicated for the visa..we found a solution (finacely)! It would be really fun, I think. ! Than see you there tomorrow!! Day 3: Visit the Tasman Peninsula and hike one of the capes. Then we found ourselves in this Ballon Festival, music and traditional danse..very nice moment! Tags. but we took a blow to the heart here !! Road trip around !! Voyage à travers les paysages de Ligurie et de Toscane. Bizz à tous !! Itinéraire de notre road trip de 2 semaines en Thaïlande hors sentiers battus Road trip dans 4 pays, Thaïlande, Cambodge,Laos,Vietnam. Les incontournables en Corse, nos coups de cœur et conseils après un voyage de 3 semaines sur l'île de Beauté avec notre van VW. On one side of the road are the beautiful waters that rhythmically crash on the beach; on the other, the unique landscape formed by the island’s volcanic features awaits every motorist. Que voir à Phnom Penh: 8 lieux à ne pas rater • Hit the road … Make sure to try the yak butter tea, interact with the local Tibetan pilgrims, and enjoy local delicacies on a picnic by the glacial lakeside. Tomorow we fly at 8a clock PM to Singapore...little beat time to enjoy more this city!! ... Was very nice day..little bit cold! We gona rent a scooter..and see this New place!! I'm rinsed !! I recommend !! Aside from being a great road trip destination, the Karakoram “Friendship” Highway is also ideal for cyclists and mountain-climbing enthusiasts, who can enjoy easy access to the numerous slopes, glaciers, and lakes in the China-Pakistan border. !..otherwise we are good..walking, chilling, swimming...and tomorrow ? We hope that one of the items in this list will be your road trip of choice the next time you want to see more of our beautiful world. Kisses, Nice afternoon , walking in the village..and very nice gastronomic restaurant !!. Aside from being a great road trip destination, the Karakoram “Friendship” Highway is also ideal for cyclists and mountain-climbing enthusiasts, who can enjoy easy access to the numerous slopes, glaciers, and lakes in the China-Pakistan border. What a day!! Voir plus d'idées sur le thème thaïlande, thailande voyage, voyage asie. La gastronomie et la culture japonaise en générale rendront aussi votre passage au Japon inoubliable. Next stop Ranong!! Click an item below to read more about it: Motorbike Rental If you want to discover Laos, don’t come here..to see and to feel the real country you must go out from the town, otherwise you just have a nice decor for tourist. First in Ranong, and to Koh Phayam, and Koh Chang..very difficult to choose an Island in Thaïlande..and especially without to much people!! Bonne fête aux amoureux!! 4/5 hours travelling...in this funny train..taktak..ta toom..taktak ta toom!! Day 8: Head to Lake St Clair and hike up Mount Rufus Road Trip en Asie (Sud-Est et Sud) : conseils avant un tour d'Asie — Blog Voyage Freelensers 19 Points Essentiels pour préparer son road trip en Asie. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Voyage, Voyage asie, Voyage bali. Filmé avec une Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver. Réalisé avec Adobe Premiere Elements 11. Depuis le Delta du Mékong jusqu’aux îles de la Baie d’Halong, nous avons découvert les paysages variés du Vietnam. Ten Stunning Instagrams Of Asian Cities At Night. There are plenty of onsen (hot spring) resorts dotting the scenic byway. .. we arrived safe in Ranong.. we are ready to take the boat until Koh Phayam!! Very cold!! Premier et deuxième jour – A faire: Le Grand Palais; Le Wat Pho; Le Wat Arun; Le musée national de Bangkok 1) Bangkok (2 jours) Pour ce road trip en Thaïlande de deux semaines, on commence par visiter Bangkok sur 2 jours. Voyage backpacking en Asie du sud est. Below I’ve outlined all basic daily expenses for a motorbike road trip in Vietnam, followed by an estimated total daily budget. On this road trip, experience a one-of-a-kind itinerary designed to highlight all that Idaho has to offer. Visit Andalusia in 7, 10 or 15 days in a campervan VW California. Vous aurez ainsi le temps de voir une grand partie des endroits dont on vous parle dans notre Top 20 des lieux à visiter à Bangkok. We make our best to put every things in our bags! We have asked our customers to vote for their favourite road trips in various parts of the world, and we are pretty pleased with the response we got. It is best to drive through Rueigang Road during the summer solstice. Intoxicating fields of lavender is not only found in Europe, but also in Asia, right along the Hokkaido Scenic Byway. After 36h passed in the bed, smashed by a very nice intestinale flu..I feel little bit better today...Maybe we can see something out of this place!! The old capital of the Kingdom of Siam...very nice visit today, peaceful..but very hot!! View more. we beat our record today about 150 km by scooter ... our buttocks are in compote !! #Asie #au #Carte #de #du #en #Itinéraire #nord #Notre #sem #sud #SudEst #Vietnam. You can opt to drive through the highway during the weeklong Nha Trang Sea Festival, which is held on June during odd-numbered years. just arrived.. well shaken for this flight !! Поиск товаров и услуг интернет-магазинов. Day 4: Visit Port Arthur. 6 semaines, 3 pays : Cambodge, Laos, Vietnam. Today was wonderful, we followed the Mekong, and we had many surprises..village, elephants and fantastic montagne..to end up our day with a nice sunset !! Have a nice day everybody!! 2020 - Explorez le tableau « Thaïlande » de StaysTravels, auquel 5401 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème thailande voyage, voyage, voyage asie. Hells Canyon: Scenic Beauty, Authentic West. I bring you everywhere with me....let’s go to Moxlos!! À la prochaine heure pile (5h, heure de Paris), MyAtlas sera coupé pour une durée de 15 minutes pour une maintenance. Par Makeitsway. juin 2019. The road was easy, 4h for 109km..nothing in Cambodge! Montage vidéo de notre troisième semaine en Asie. Our mailing address is 133 Great Ancoats, Manchester, England. Today we moove..to Ha noi. We arrived in our destination, after quiet long day...2 flights..time to be in Bangkok and visit some nice jewelry shop ( time also to think about « Chez Cécile Boutique » )Nice places...to fly with this small and old plane!! Day 5: See Hobart. Good!! 2 days was nice here..we were here in the Big célébration day TÈT, the most of the shop, museum we found it closed. Fully ready to go !! As you Can see the weather is not very good, not only raining but also very cold. Discover our road trip selection in Andalusia and take advantage of our suggestions, good plans, favourites. Let’s go to have a nice lunch in Moxlos!! 2 semaines au Cambodge : itinéraire et budget | Graine de Voyageuse. [Nouvel Itinéraire] 2 semaines de road trip en Norvège et Suède. Jeju Island has been known as a fine resort destination in South Korea, and the Ilju Road along the coast will show you why. The country’s best backpacker hostels are located in each of Vietnam’s largest cities, Hanoi and Saigon. Sur notre blog voyage et photo nous vous partageons nos conseils, astuces, guides et itinéraires à travers nos récits et carnets de voyage. Plenty of Buddha statues and other sacred sites to see while driving along the highway, which leads up to the Baralacha-La, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Himalayas with endless stretches of lush meadows highlighted by snow-capped mountain peaks and clear blue skies. Sunset for you..kisses, Nice day on discovery Chanel...we did the tour of the island, discover somes beaches, some evea plantation, at last some monkeys was around our house today...very sweet day..kisses, Try to work little beat... with all this nice color, is easy to think about you, and what you would like to wear under the Cretan Sun!! !..difficuly... see You in Greece ❤️. First destination Athens, where we will spend the night close to the Airport, To be ready for the next flight to Bangkok. Nous avons beaucoup appris sur l’Indochine et son rôle dans le façonnement du pays. Mais selon vos goûts, vos envies et la saison, vous pouvez y découvrir beaucoup d’autres choses. We change color..!!! for us it's a good stopover, and an incredible day. In this article, we present you our amazing 15 days road trip in Andalusia : must-visit and spot where to … Thank you very much to follow us in our journey , After 9 hours for about 170 km, we can say that he deserve is name « slow boat » was very quiet day, and very beautiful to navigate on the Mekong, lots of animal along the water, village..and people. Many believe that the highway is one of the Wonders of the World (the eighth one, to be exact), thanks to its impressive elevation and the laborious conditions it was constructed. But today is Sunday 24 hours before the departure ! Our feelings about it..we are Happy to leave tomorow... Angkor and Koh Rong was the best for us...we are disappointed by the behaiviour of people with us..and about pollution. Day 2: Hike around Freycinet National Park. We gonna stay here couple of of day..bisous tout le monde!!. En tour du monde ou en road trip, l'Asie est forcément sur votre route. Lors de ce road trip de 2 semaines au Vietnam, nous avons essentiellement visité le nord du pays. At the end of the road, motorists can find a sundial-like structure that marks the Tropic of Cancer. 24 mars 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Voyages" de Ayla Stackoman sur Pinterest. We of course didn’t see everything...but how? Phuket is mainly known for its divine villas and breathtaking beaches, but if you are done with sunning yourself in this Thai destination, hop into a car and go for a rive along the Northeast Loop. We had a good time, anyway after The crazy Ha noï, we appreciate this peaceful place. Article du hharris.site. The old road, which stretches to a length of 143 miles, has relatively light traffic but not exactly maintained to stellar conditions. 66 étapes . Maybe together?! Carved right into the Khunjerab Pass, the Karakoram Highway—also the highest paved international road in the whole world—is one of the best drives in the largest continent in the world. Our day start with this sunrise on the river...and some music that I can’t share with you...quiet repetitively....imagine to be in the temple..bing bing bang bang....boom boom!! Guide De Voyage Voyage Asie Voyage Voyage Malaisie Asie Road Trip Malaisie Indonésie Préparer Voyage Tour Du Monde 2 semaines en Malaisie : bilan, astuces, itinéraire et budget Pays de contrastes, la Malaisie offre une pluralité ethnique, culturelle et géographique unique dans ce coin d’Asie…

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