Head to the Lover’s Bridge where there’s usually an exhibition going on. The Balkan countries that will require you to show your Green Card for car insurance are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Turkey. We are also inspired by Souvenir Chronicles about driving around the Balkans by car and they were very nice to answer our initial questions about driving a rental car around this area. Thanks! You can start this trip in Zagreb in Croatia or Sarajevo in Bosnia or even Belgrade in Serbia. Love road trips? Based on our experience, the best way to travel the Balkans IS by road tripping, especially if you want to see natural landscapes. They will sort you out with insurance so you can road trip through the Balkans stress-free. J’ai lu sur des forums que le train était déconseillé . Which countries are the Balkan countries? You can also see the Tara mountain here. Lake Ohrid and the town Ohrid is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can do just a part of the trip and include just 2 or three countries or remove a few destinations. Un GPS : si votre van n’est pas déjà équipé de ce fidèle compagnon, le GPS vous sera d’une grande utilité si vous voulez vous repérer facilement et rapidement sur la route. Et il y a ceux pour qui voyage doit absolument rimer avec aventure, coins de nature sauvage et heureux imprévus. Visit Serbia first if you plan to visit Serbia and Kosovo back-to-back. Hi Syahirah, the trip mentioned in this post is actually a combination of three different trips. Do you have any experience with Enterprise and/or crossing into Albania? We are from South Africa and travelled extensively. Based on our experience, the best way to travel the Balkans IS by road tripping, especially if you want to see natural landscapes. Le road trip est un voyage effectué sur une longue distance généralement en van, camping-car, voiture ou en moto.Itinérance. The countries that come under Balkans, such as Romania and Croatia are on my wishlist. They are renting 13 legendary old school VW buses and 6 newer ones. Carry a mat and your swimming gear so that you can set up a small base near the pools and go for a swim. Flexiroam X is kinda new product for borderless data SIM. We recommend Hotel Rilindja, which also has a hostel and is next to a lovely lake. Albania is notorious for having bad roads, but in 5 weeks in the country I only encountered one, between Korca and Elbasan, and it was only because the main road was being fixed. However, I’m here to deflate you and let you know that Balkan roads are actually shockingly good compared to previous years standards. Ah okay, you should be fine to get into Albania, but you will likely be required to purchase insurance at the border in that case. We rented our car from the airport in Belgrade, but it is cheaper if you book it online — https://www.discovercarhire.com/?a_aid=DrifterPlanet. Good to know about this! I’ve successfully taken a rental car from Bulgaria to Serbia (by paying a 50 euro/100 leva surcharge for preparing the green card documents) with Naycar, a local renting company. I didn’t like the town but I liked the grassy hills around it. They have bungalows too, you can find out about this place here. However, I will say the Bulgarian police organizing the detour did an excellent job at signaling and showing people where to go… so maybe things are improving in the Balkans, after all. The Balkans is such a beautiful, diverse region, that I highly recommend visiting! Dubrovnik is very close to Montenegro and we highly recommend you stop in the spectacular Kotor bay. We are planning on renting a car in Munich and start from there. Simply put, the Balkans are colorful, affordable, offbeat, and the natural scenery is breathtaking. Check out the Mavrono Lake that’s inside the national park and semi submerged church. Before reaching the center of Podgorica, head east towards Rijeka Crnojevica to see the amazing Horseshoe bend. If you want to properly see the 12 countries of the Balkans relatively in-depth, you will need around 3-6 months. Serbian border control will view it as an illegal entry into Serbia, and as a result, they may turn you away or get angry with you. The true beauty of a Balkans road trip is its flexibility. (Attention : … Here’s the thing, the recommended road trip through the Balkan countries took me as more than three different trips to complete due to time limitations. Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina – Travel to the Balkans – CC0 via Pixabay. Si vous voulez planifier un trip au Portugal, peut être que cet article peut faire l’affaire. We stayed in two places here – Apartment Matogi and Apartment Mateja. It was not a problem. This is so helpful one..i was following your journey and loved all your captures. This area has resort destinations like Mamaia or offbeat hippie villages like Vama Veche. The shallowest lake out of the Seven Rila Lakes is Ribnoto Ezero, which is also known as “the fish lake”. Un énorme road-trip en Europe à la découverte des Balkans sur le blog dans cet article. The most amazing thing about Mokra Gora is that it is still under the radar and not much visited by the tourists and same for Tara National Park. Need a camper van to get around? Road trip Balkans en van - forum Croatie - Besoin d'infos sur Croatie ? You probably won’t find the snacks you’re used to at Balkan gas stations – maybe some Pringles or Doritos if you’re super lucky – so I recommend Pizza Bake Rolls and 7 Day Chocolate Croissants. That said, there are the occasional truly heinous road. I have a detailed post about visiting and avoiding crowds in Plitvice Lakes – check it out. I ended up on some bumpy but doable roads in Serbia between Novi Pazar and Nis, but I’ve read horror stories of the road to Devil’s Town in Serbia. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. Of the 12 countries of the Balkans, it’s quite a mishmash. Your tips would be appreciated. You can also go for rafting on Tara river or zip over the canyon to enjoy the view. If you want to level up your Road Trip game, take one of their old school vans! Admire the quieter islands of Croatia and Greece. Il est temps de remonter dans le van et de poursuivre votre road trip ! In fact, it’s the ultimate Balkans road trip itinerary from Sarajevo to Istanbul, that will bring you through cities, mountains, bunkers, waterfalls, and beaches for the adventure of a lifetime. Une carte : pour les plus old-school, la méthode classique fonctionne aussi très bien. The walled city of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO world Heritage site and cannot be compared to other beach or historical destinations because it is like none other. Alice and I on Tuzla Beach in Constanta, Romania. Black Lake – Durmitor National Park near Žabljak, Montenegro. I think you should be able to purchase insurance at the Albanian border – I know this is the case with Kosovo. (Du 30 avril au 8 mai 2017.) *Top tip* If you’re wanting to road trip in a camper van around Slovenia or anywhere else in the Balkans but don't have your own van or you just want to try it out for a few days then get in touch with the team at Balkan Campers.They have an amazing range of restored retro camper vans along with some newer models and they all come kitted out and ready to roll! The restaurant is called Anika and we had the best meal of our road trip here. Not all countries will ask to see it, but some will – and if you can’t show it to them, they will require that you purchase insurance from them. The country with the scariest roads in my opinion is Montenegro, because they’re narrow as hell — barely fitting two cars — with hairpin twists and turns that everyone takes like they’re trying to win a race. Namaste Memories from Bali - perhaps my f, I have said it before and I’ll say it again - th, Mountains or beaches? The best way to explore the Balkans is by car.Although self-driving is more stressful and challenging than public transportation, it also has its own advantages. Balkan drivers do tend to drive a little fast, but I wouldn’t say they’re particularly aggressive or dangerous. In early Greek documents, it was called “the city of light”. Walk over the romantic bridge and see how blue the river looks when the sun shines. The entry fee to Kravice Waterfalls is €7.5 per person, which is quite cheap as compared to Croatia’s National Parks – Plitvice and Krka. Of course — not everyone can afford to do this, in terms of either time or money. Come, let's travel together and see the magical side of the places that we visit. Countries like Italy, Turkey, Slovenia and Greece are not 100% geographically in the Balkan Peninsula. but it is not cheaper just because you are traveling in cheaper countries. This vibrant city in Bulgaria with a backdrop of Vitosha Mountain can be your spot for a couple of days. Are there any visa requirements or laws that we should know whenever one crosses those borders by car ? Want to do this too? That may sound like a lot of time, but look at this way: 3 months only gives you a little over a week in each of the 12 countries we count in the Balkans. is right before and after the peak travel season.. Spring months till early June and autumn months are perfect for a road trip through the Balkan countries. It is a very big city and with a lot of old buildings that have a story to tell. We have done this trip on our camper van as well as a rented car. Still, we can’t wait to go back and this time we want to do Albania, Kosovo and Moldova. Avec notre Mercedes Marco Polo, alias Travel Home, nous partons pour un road trip à travers les Balkans, nous traverserons trois pays et, à la fin, nous atteignons les 3 000 km. The craziest part is that the Albanian Alps are connected with the Himalayas through the Atlantic Ocean and they form the Alpine-Himalayan Orogenic belt. Idées de Road Trips et itinéraires en van aménagé ou camping-car à travers la France avec VAN-IT. It stayed like this for hours until I nearly hitchhiked back into Podgorica with a car driving in the opposite direction when finally, mercifully, we proceeded forward. While you’re in Mokra Gora, ride the “Nostalgia Express”, which is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. 4) Google Maps app will be your best friend and you will end up using it all the time. I once passed a truck in the slow lane with plenty of room behind me and the car behind me…. Lake Bled, Slovenia. Go on a Balkans road trip, veer off the beaten path a little (just make sure your tires are up to it), and enjoy. Wir haben damals 800 Euro inklusive allem (Sprit, Übernachtungen, Essen, Ausflüge etc.) I’ve heard stories of some border guards crossing out the Kosovo stamp… but that may just be rumors. But hey, for that you may have to skip one or two countries in this suggested route. Click HERE to read the rest of our story. Walk around in the old town and see the Citadel of Sibiu. Mokra Gora is an adorable little village in Serbia where you’d love to spend more than just a few days. It will take you 2 hours to drive here from Sofia. The Transfaragan Highway, Romania. 6) As much as we tried, we couldn’t find a single cellular operator with 3G that covered all the countries. That’s awesome to hear Tracy! We have been a few times…. Apparently, no one wanted to take initiative to you know, stop the flow of traffic in one direction for a few minutes so that the cars whose path were blocked could move out of this horrible hours-long jam. Cheers. Skopje: Interways – allows you to take cars into Kosovo, 30€ fee for papers. We paid 20 euros for the night for a room for two of us. Some countries and car companies are stricter than others. Tip: the best time to visit the Balkans as per the Balkan Campers. Please keep in mind that the only way to enjoy the Seven Rila Lakes is by hiking. The biggest mistake Stephanie and I see first-timers to the Balkans making is trying to cram everything into one Balkan itinerary. The Seven Rila Lakes are near the Rila Mountains. Road trip dans le nord de l’Espagne en van. In case that’s not possible or affordable, you can just slightly alter this route to make it circular and pick and drop your car at the same place. It is a narrow gauge train with old-fashioned compartments and what looks like a steam engine. After a long drive and a short overnight stay in Nurnberg in Germany we finally arrived in Bohinj. We are heading back to Croatia this year and will add more recommendations soon. Always ensure your rental car company provides you your Green Card if taking your car abroad and confirm which countries you are able to visit with it. Finally, make sure you always have a valid travel insurance policy. Another spectacular place that you should not miss here is the Tara river canyon. Of course, that depends on your model of car and its efficiency, but it definitely adds up. for things like parking tickets. For more information, you can read what other travelers have to stay about the Seven Rila National Park. Dubrovnik: Sixt – allows you to take cars into Bosnia, Slovenia, and many other Balkan countries. A 7 day vignette pass costs just 3 euro, and a 30 day pass is just 7 euros. Was concerned that if the car rental place doesn’t offer green card insurance for Albania there might be an issue. After seeing the beauty of Mokra Gora and Tara National Park, Zlatibor is nothing but an extremely busy town. You can do it, sure, but I doubt you’ll like it. This is where Drina river (the same one in Bosnia) makes a very deep gorge and creates a dramatic view. Bucharest is one of those few cities where I actually enjoyed myself a lot. 44 . Get in touch with the team at Balkan Campers. This is rare, but can happen. Un voyage en famille au travers la Croatie, le Monténégro, de la Bosnie et de la Slovénie, qui dura 3 semaines en camping-car. If you walk further along the Drina river, you will see some lovely places and a smaller waterfall, which is called Small Kravice. Between Stephanie and me, we’ve driven in a handful of Balkan countries and been passengers in virtually all of them. and tell me how long it has taken? If you make a purchase through these links, we will earn a little commission at no extra cost to you. From Albania, you need to go to Shkodra town to visit the lake. And the people we've met along the way have brought us many smiles and left us with lots of great memories. Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia and you can see a lot of historical buildings and landmarks here. CLC est le spécialiste du van et du fourgon aménagé : retrouvez de nombreux modèles d'occasion dans notre réseau et bénéficiez également de services adaptés à vos besoins (financement, assurance, ...). Slovenia is slightly less pricy, but not by much. L’itinéraire You can’t stay inside Plitvice Lakes National Park but will have to stay in one of the nearby villages. only my car was old and crappy and it took a while for it to zoom into the correct gear and actually go quickly. There are many different definitions of the Balkans with slight variations. Moreover, the party scene is really good. Traffic in the big cities too can get chaotic, especially in Belgrade, where traffic was particularly hellacious at times. We’re Sonal & Sandro from India and Germany. We’d recommend you spend less time in them and more in the nature. We’ve now been invited back to road trip in a retro camper van with Balkan Campers in the Spring of 2019 !! There are several rules regarding international borders, and as a result, taking a car around multiple places in the Balkans can get expensive – and forget about picking it up in one country and leaving it in another! If you want to stay in Mostar, try Apartments Konak or Old Bridge Terrace Apartments – these two places are right next to Mostar’s famous Old Bridge. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. This helps for sure. Parking can get expensive if not included in your hotel and sometimes the different parking payment systems are a huge pain in the ass, requiring you to pay via prepaid SMS (not easy to do when you’re just passing through!). ) Its been just over a year since our initial Balkans Road Trip in a rental car. Hardly anyone speaks English in the village and you will need your Google translate app to communicate. Food in the Balkans is generally rather affordable. If you don’t like busy destinations, then you don’t have to stay in the main Kotor town. [E] Stop everywhere along the road, get out of your car, open your eyes and fall in love over and over again. From here, you can drive to the nearby Tara National Park and Zlatibor. Check out this video for information about … The Balkans is a region in Europe including the countries Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece and a portion of Turkey. I am fascinated with the Balkans since I visited a month ago. The reason why some big cities like Belgrade are here on this list is because you will eventually have to pass through some of them for the ease of route. If you have a little more time on your hands, you can park your car in Split and take a boat to the nearby Hvar Island. We shall make good use of it next year. You can see them in Sofia’s city center. Get lazy on Lapad beach or Banje beach which can get really busy during summer. It is on the banks of the River Drina. You can enter Kosovo from Serbia, no problem. 4. These are some of the unmissable sights you’ll encounter as you pass through the Balkans. Romania Road Trip Itinerary. So don’t forget to account for how much that’ll add to your trip. 1. I’ve also had friends rent a car in Macedonia to bring into Kosovo from a local renting car “company” — more like just a random Macedonian man with an extra car! May I know how long did you take to complete this road trip and which car rental company did you hire from? Road vignettes and taxes are unavoidable when traveling through the Balkans, and each country has their own specific rules for these. DOCUMENTS . Compare prices for car rental in the Balkans here. Often such places are underrated and you shown here so much insight It seems like I might be able to purchase the require insurance at the Albanian border but am not 100 percent sure on this. Montenegro’s beach side is definitely famous but we enjoyed the mountains so much more! I hear questions about the state of Balkan roads all the time, and their shoddiness is so legendary that there are a million and one memes about them. For example, Slovenia charges vignettes of approximately 15 euros per week for a normal sized car, which is effectively a tax to use their roads. Faire un road trip en Europe est la meilleure façon d’explorer le vieux continent. Croatia is really awesome. Apart from the historical buildings, you should spend some time in Sofia’s many parks and vibrant cafes. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. San and I in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. Traveling the Balkans was really one of our best travel experiences, even though we had to split it into three trips. Most people cross Serbia to Kosovo to a third country (Macedonia, Albania, or Montenegro) with no issues, but I have heard the occasional story of it being problematic in the future, so approach it with caution.

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